Registered Nurse job at MetroHealth System – Cleveland, OH

Posted: 31 Oct 2010 04:48 AM PDT

Contract Medical Center: Metrohealth Medical Center Department: Nursing Central Support Employee Status: Active PRN Work Schedule: ROTATING SHIFT Work Hours: ROTATING ALL SHIFTS ROTATING WEEKENDS & HOLIDAYS.*TRAUMA CRITCIAL CARE* VP # JF 253 2010 Job Summary: Plans for, delivers, documents and evaluates nursing care of patients in an assigned are in terms of their individuals [...]

Registered Nurse job at Favorite Healthcare Staffing, Inc. – Chapel Hill, NC – 100+ locations

Posted: 31 Oct 2010 04:37 AM PDT

Contract Outstanding benefits with you in mind! * Referral Bonuses * First-day health insurance * 401(k) Retirement Plan * Free Housing or Housing Subsidies * Completion Bonuses * Transportation Reimbursement * And much, much more! Job Description The Registered Nurse provides professional nursing care through skillful assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation in accordance with client [...]

REGISTERED NURSE Job at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary – Boston, MA

Posted: 31 Oct 2010 04:33 AM PDT

Position       REGISTERED NURSE Institution     Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary Region     Massachusetts – Metro Boston Location(s)     Boston Type     N/A REGISTERED NURSE Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary Requisition Number: 10-0414 Shift: Evening Department: 9th Floor Ambulatory Hours Per Week: perdiem Description: The Registered Professional Nurse maintains the standards of professional nursing [...]

Registered Nurse Job at York Hospital – York, ME

Posted: 31 Oct 2010 04:31 AM PDT

Registered Nurse Company Name: YORK HOSPITAL Job Location: York, ME, 03909, Job Description Registered Nurse Department: Berwick Medical Services Schedule: Per diem Shift: Variable shifts Hours: Contact Information: Contact: Penny Landry Email: Address: York, ME 03909 Job Details: – CPR certification is required – Maine Additional Information Posting Period:     From 8/6/2010 until 10/31/2010 [...]

era health

era health

7 Surefire Ways To Shed 7 Pounds In 14 Days

Posted: 30 Oct 2010 07:26 PM PDT

The search for ways to speed up your weight loss is over. With these seven tips, you can be seven pounds lighter in the next two weeks. Be ready to make some changes, but your thinner self will thank you.

Make water your best friend

While it should come as no surprise that water is your best weapon in weight loss, some still haven't caught on. By increasing your water consumption to six to eight glasses a day, you will help you body flush out toxins that are impeding the weight that you want to lose.

Water helps to speed digestion as well as many other processes in your body. And if your body is running more smoothly, then you can burn more calories along the way.

A new appetizer

If you're looking to cut back on the foods that you're eating, here's a trick that works for anyone. Start your lunches and dinners off with a small cup of soup. Of course, the soup shouldn't be cream based; a broth will work very well.

The warm soup will help to make your stomach feel fuller so that you eat less at the meal that follows. This is also a good trick if you are going out to eat. Have that bowl of soup before you go to curb your temptation for larger portions.

Take away the salt

A lot of the extra weight people carry is due to a large intake of salt. Salt can be found in many of the things that we consider healthy—frozen lunches, canned soups, and condiments.

Take some time over the next two weeks to look at the labels of the things that you eat to see how much salt (as sodium) are in the foods that you have been eating. Avoiding prepackaged foods is the best way to remove the salt from your diet.

Take away the sugars

While we don't want to admit it, sugar is keeping us overweight and unhappy. And sugar isn't just a candy bar or a milkshake, it's also in the white breads and pastas that we love.

But if you want to lose weight, it's time to find better ways of eating. This can include switching to brown rice and whole wheat bread. And of course, limiting your sugary snacks to once in a great while.

Get moving

When you're trying to lose weight, you need to start exercising. If you haven't exercised before, you're in luck. Studies have shown that you can walk just a few times a week and burn the calories that you want to burn.

Thirty minutes a day is the best way to lose seven pounds in two weeks, but if you don't have that much time, try to split it up over the course of the day—say ten minutes three times a day, or just try to fit in three good thirty minute walks a week.

Slow down

One of the main things that trigger overeating is not taking time for your self. When you're trying to lose weight, it's essential that you set aside a little time each day for you and you alone. By giving yourself some quiet time, you'll be able to slow down and remember that you're worth the extra effort that you're putting in to lose weight.

Just like mom said

And don't forget about your fruits and veggies. Though fruits do contain sugar, they also contain fewer calories than your traditional sugary snacks.

If you really want to jumpstart some weight loss, eat steamed vegetables at every meal. Not only do they have a slightly diuretic effect (makes you lose water weight), but they also energize your body to keep making great choices.

When you want to lose weight, you need help, but with these tips, you have everything you need.

Daily Health Tips Blog

7 Killer Ways To Maximize Your Fat Burning In The Gym

Posted: 30 Oct 2010 07:20 PM PDT

Hey, we all want to shed some pounds and get back to the body that we had when we were younger and didn't appreciate it but it takes discipline, planning, and dedication to make that happen. All too often people shed 10 or 15 pounds and then seem to stop losing weight. There is definitely a reason this happens and it should not be seen as failure or an excuse to give up on your weight loss goals. Here are 7 absolutely killer ways to maximize your fat burning routine and help ensure success with your weight loss goals.

1) Anaerobic Exercise

If you think you can just run laps or pedal that fat away, think again. Muscle tissue is what burns the most calories in our bodies and you need to life weights in order to create bigger muscles that will burn more calories. Now although aerobic exercises such as cycling or swimming are also necessary, the fact remains that building bigger muscles is the best way to lose weight and keep it off. This is because you are creating a more efficient calorie burning machine by lifting weights which will ensure you success with your weight loss goals.

2) Warm-up and Cool Down

Warming up before exercising and taking the time to cool down afterwards with some light exercises are not generally seen as essential to a fat burning program. However, the reason why a lot of people tend to give up on their weight loss goals is because they failed to see the progress they hoped for when they began. An injury, even one that only lasts for a few days, can set your weight loss goals back by weeks and lead to a loss of stimulation. You need to plan an extra twenty minutes into your weight lifting routine for these two essential activities or you risk injury and derailing your weight loss plan.

3) Diet, Diet, Diet

This should not be a killer way to maximize your weight loss goals but it is. The reason for this is because people tend to think of losing weight in two ways: diet, or exercise. Hey, these two go hand in hand and you are never going to maximize your fat burning routine in the gym unless you take care of your body outside of the gym. Stop thinking of meals in terms of three: instead, think 5 meals with smaller portions. The FDA recently developed a new food pyramid with this very idea in mind and you should check it out before starting your fat burning program because it can save you a lot of time and energy if you get the diet part figured out before even stepping into the gym.

4) Plan Workouts

The body is the most complex machine on the planet and you can't just hope to step into a gym and jump on a machine or some weights and think that you are going to see the results you want without knowing how they affect your body. The ideal exercise routine is done only 3 or 4 times per week and only for 30-45 minutes at a time. You cannot work your body more than this because it will actually cause your muscles to break down which means you will be burning fewer calories, and therefore, not maximizing your fat burning routine in the gym. If you have any doubts about what kind of routine is ideal for your goals, don't be afraid to consult an physical trainer to help you set up a program that is best suited for you.

5) Nutritional Supplements

If you really want to maximize your fat burning routine in the gym, then you need to consider using nutritional supplements. Now I am not talking about those crazy supplements that promise to burn fat for you while you sit and watch tv! I am talking about essential fatty acids, amino acids, whey protein….things that will truly maximize your workouts that you can't always expect to get in the foods you eat every day. Again, consult a physical trainer if you want to know which supplements are best for your weight loss goals.

6) Set Weekly Goals

I know that this just seems terribly obvious but the truth is that most people are not thrilled with the idea of working out so it is easy for them to skip a session or indulge in some pizza and think that they will make up for it next time. Listen, next time never comes and when you stop seeing the scales go down, the motivation just seems to stop. By setting weekly goals, you can track your progress and make it that much more likely that you will adhere to the goals when you see things are not going as expected.

7) No More Late Night Snacks

This one may not seem to make sense, but I assure you that it will help maximize your fat burning exercises. The reason is your metabolism. When you eat right before you go to bed, it throws your body off and you probably notice that you awaken and don't feel hungry. Then, you skip breakfast entirely or only snack on a bagel or something on you way into work.

The result: the body goes into conservation mode. This means that it slows down your metabolism and that means you are burning less calories throughout the day. Plus, it increases the likelihood of snacking and basically just sets the scene for a bad cycle. Eating five smaller portioned meals per day also has to do with your metabolism as it has been found that metabolism remains highest when there is a consistent supply of food in the body. You might not believe that late night snacking affects the way your body burns fat when working out, but it does.

Now some of the things listed above are obvious while some just seem silly. And yet, taken together and consistently adhered to, these 7 little ideas will maximize your fat burning in the gym and get you to that body you can see in your mind but not the mirror far quicker than if you just go about things in a disorganized and inconsistent manner.

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E-magazine for Beauty, Health & Home

E-magazine for Beauty, Health & Home

Tarun Tahiliani Grand finale show at WIFW

Posted: 30 Oct 2010 11:14 PM PDT

Tarun Tahiliani came with beige and off white in his Grand finale and show stoppers was Shilpa Shetty along with Chitrangada Singh.Shilpa was looking like a dream and her make up was done by the ultimate make up guru Micky Contractor. Guy can make any one look like a million dollar.:)

Giving ultimate competition to Shilpa was Chitrangada singh..Ohh boy !!! I just love the girl.

The collection has its origins from various colors of Indian soil and dust, which are as diverse as our culture and people according to Tarun.

Sarees, dresses and kaftans were prominent throughout his show and one could see the focus on textured handloom and daytime silhouettes in The New Democracy.

Shilpa shetty just celebreated her first Karwa chauth too. Don't forget to notice her cute little mehndi design.

Golfer Jyoti Randhawa in the front row, who came to cheer wife Chitrangada Singh — the show stopper for Tarun's show, along with actor Shilpa Shetty.When asked who looks better  He instantly replied, "Of course my wife looks better. She looked awesome. She's a perfect lady. Ethnic wear really suits her. Also I like curvier and voluptuous women, when I see these models I think they don't eat at all."

AS usual Tarun style was very Indian .

Did you like his collection? Who looks better Shilpa shetty or Chitangade singh?

Hair Mask - Home made hair mask for dry, oily and normal hair

Posted: 30 Oct 2010 10:31 PM PDT

By Pratima Rao,                           Natural hair mask for all types of hair

Each hair type will have different characteristics and require different kinds of treatments. Here are a few hair masks to suit your type. Making your own hair mask will have the benefit of it NOT containing any harmful chemicals while giving your hair the direct benefit of the ingredients used.

Lack of regular oiling of hair, lack of proper shampooing and conditioning can lead to dry and brittle hair. Also excessive blow drying, straightening colouring can damage your hair. Brittle hair can lead to hair loss, frizzy hair etc. As far as possible avoid blow drying and dry hair naturally. Hot iron treatment to hair on a regular basis can lead to excessive hair loss.
Regular natural treatments can bring back the lustre in your hair.

Oil for hair

 Twice a week rub olive or castor or almond oil onto scalp at bedtime and shampoo next morning. Condition hair & wash off after 5 mins. Do a final rinse with cold water to add shine to hair.
The oils provide your hair with the required nourishment & moisture while promoting hair growth.
2. Mustard or amla oil - : Dry hair will also benefit from application of mustard or amla oil. Leave it on for one hour prior to shampooing.
Mustard oil prevents hair loss. Amla oil has been used in India since a very long time. It is used fir its cooling effect when applied on hair and also induces sound sleep. So you can even apply it at bed time and shampoo next morn. It also promotes hair growth, split ends and  prevents premature greying of hair.
3.Colored hair: You saw the benefits of banana for skin in earlier posts and now see how it benefits your hair too. Dyed or permed hair may look unmanageable and  lack luster. For this, mash 2 ripe bananas with 1 or 2 eggs. Apply from scalp to tip and  leave on for 15-20 mins before you wash off with mild organic shampoo.
 The protein in eggs will condition and  strengthen hair and acts as a natural cleanser. The moisturizing quality in bananas will make hair strong and  silky and gives a shine to hair. You could also add 2-3 drops honey or almond oil to bananas instead of eggs. Honey conditions hair and reduces the frizziness.

Natural cleanser for hair

You could try adding few drops honey to water and use as your final rinse. Other natural rinses like plain curd or flat beer will bring back the bounce to your hair.

Normal Hair

Normal hair is not too dry and not too oily either. This type of hair usually can be styled easily and  looks good most of the days.
Honey conditioner : Mix together honey with pure olive oil. Using a small amount at a time, apply this mixture through hair until well coated. Cover with a shower cap to get the benefit of a deep conditioning treatment and  leave for 30 mins. Remove shower cap, shampoo well, rinse and  dry as normal.
To this mask you could add a mashed banana and contents of 1 vitamin E capsule. This will make hair soft and  silky.
Oily hair may often look limp. Excess sebum on the scalp is the common cause for oily hair. Eating too much greasy food or not thoroughly shampooing hair can worsen the problem. Oily hair can lead to dandruff or hair fall.
Many apply shampoo only to hair and  do not pay much attention to the scalp. Massage scalp with fingertips to remove sebum. Do not pile hair on top. Incase of excess oily hair, two applications of shampoo may be required. When foam appears on the application of shampoo onto scalp, it means the excess oil has been washed off.  Incase you want to condition your hair, never apply a rich creamy one as this will only worsen the oiliness in your scalp.
1. Henna-papaya treatment : Mix about half a cup powder of henna leaves, half a cup of ripe papaya pulp and a tsp of lemon juice. Apply on hair and  leave for 20 mins and  wash of thoroughly.
Henna makes the hair stronger and  thicker. It is natural remedy against hair loss and dandruff. Nutrients in papaya stimulates hair growth, strengthens hair & makes hair soft while controlling dandruff.
2. Lemon rinse : Squeeze a little lime juice to water & use as a final rinse. This adds bounce to limp hair.

Methi mask/Fenugreek for hair



Soak some methi (fenugreek) seeds overnight with enough water to cover them and  grind them next morning. Massage this pack on scalpa hair and  leave on for 15-20 mins. Wash off with mild shampoo. Good against hair problems like dandruff, hair fall, thinning of hair etc.

My Colorbar and QVS haul !!!

Posted: 30 Oct 2010 09:29 AM PDT

Well you see few post on wise she today and the reason being  I went for my eye check up .While coming back I purchased these Colorbar and QVS stuff. My major Delhi haul is still left and   I am going to share that when I return back to Hyderabad.I don't wanna show it before my husband comes here  as  I am scared that he might refuse to come along  in my Delhi shopping.

Here goes my haul !!!

This is

Colorbar velvet  matte Lipstick .


  Colorbar  Sizzling pink -24


Colorbar flirty pink - 63 which is not pink at all.


Colorbar smoky gray eyeshadow


Colorbar politely pink Lip liner

These beautiful curlers


QVS facial cleansing  brush

  I asked them for Color bar eyeshadow pallet but they didn't have it .I don't think so that Colorbar is in Hyderabad too.Is yes then please Hyderabad wise she readers do let me know.Help Help Help!!!

Have a great weekend

Your neighborhood friend


Face wash- Fab India neem tulsi face wash (Product review)

Posted: 30 Oct 2010 07:44 AM PDT

When Harsha was all ga ga over Fab India neem and tulsi body gel scrub I knew I had to try this range.Got this around a month ago and this natural face wash is my love nowadays.Before you read further I must tell you that this face wash is for oily skin .This is an antiseptic face wash which helps in preventing pimples.I have already mentioned about neem leaves and how they prevent acne.If you have been trying lot of herbal remedies to prevent acne I request you to try this one also .It has worked for me and have worked for many whom I have suggested.

Coming back to facial cleanser.

This cleanser comes with neem tulsi toner which I have been using since 20-25 days and I would like to experience it more before reviewing it up so you got to wait for it :Da bit .

Cost of Fab India Neem tulsi face wash and Neem tulsi  face toners is about Rs 250

(I am sorry i don't remember the exact price as it is not written on the bottle but I am sure that it is not more than that).If you really want to know the exact price then I can tell you after I return to Hyderabad.

    Organic  cleanser ??

Ingredients of Fab India face wash - Pirified water, triethanalamine Lauryl Sulphate, CAPB, Neem Leaves Extract, Disodium Lauryl Ether SulfoSuccinate, PEG -7 Glyceryl Cocoate, Glycerine, Sodium Chloride, Allantoin, Disodium EDTA,Kathon CG, Tulsi Oil

Best face wash for oily skin should contain these ingredients

1 No harsh detergents which dry out the skin as these leads to excess production of natural oils.

2. Best skin face wash should be oil free and should contain ingredients such as hyaluronic acid that helos retain moisture.

.3. A good Face wash for oily skin has salicylic and azelaic acid and herbal extracts of myrrh and echinacea.
What I liked about the product:-

1. This is a very mild face wash which will suit oily, sensitive and combination skin easily.

2. Removes excess oil from my skin and  doesn't make my feel dry so therefore I think it is going to work in winters for me.

3.It is easy to carry and quiet affordable

4. Only a small amount of product is needed to lather .

5. Give a creamy feel.

6 .Easy to wash off.

7. My skin feels soft, smooth and soft  after using it.

8. My skin broke out when I got facial waxing done (phhhllease don every try it  .)I have been using this product since then and this product has prevented my skin from breaking out more . It doesn't heal pimples but cease them from re occurring.

Dislikes -

1.  I am not satisfied with the ingredients rest the product is working well for me.So this is another addition to my lovely Fab India products list

Will I re - purchase - Yes I will

Rating 4/5

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6 Diwali decoration ideas

Posted: 30 Oct 2010 04:54 AM PDT

 By Manisha,                     Diwali Diwali :)

Most of us are attached to Diwali .This festival of sweets, fire crackers, lights and decoration gives beautiful grace to our homes.Its not only our home but on this day even the streets and markets are decorated with many lights.After cleaning your house it is the decoration of our house which is utmost important to us.Diwali decoration brings a different environment for out home. As I am fond of decoration I thought of sharing few of my simple and inexpensive diwali decoration ideas and a Diwali picture which might motivate you to get into action before it is too late :)

Below are Diwali decor ideas which can lighten up your mood.

Diya decoration ideas  - Deepawali diyas are earthen lamps made of clay.It is filled with ghee or oil and a wick is made of cotton in the front after dipping them into the Diya.

Flour Diya – Flour diyas can be made by those who are living abroad and have difficulty in buying them. To make the diya prepare dough with your regular flour(atta) and water.Make balls of the flour and give them a diya shape of your choice.Put them under sunlight for sometimes and colour them with poster or acrylic colors.Let them dry again and your decorative diyas are ready.

Decorating diyas with flowers – You can decorate diyas with flowers as well. I like decorating diyas with rose petals  With rose petals Diyas  not only add festive look to the lamp but give that auspicious touch also. 

  Image source :-

Decorative items to decorate diya – You can use small glass pieces and stick them on the edges of the diya.You can use kundans, moti and small cut mirrors which are easily available in any handicraft shop.When you light the diya which is decorated with mirror it appears as if there are many diyas around.This is a very simple but an interesting  diya decorating tip.

2. Floating candles  - Floating candles gives nice aroma and a cool look to your home . You can place them on your dinning table , indoor garden or use as a focal point in your living room.You can make candles at home also .If you want I can let you know.It is hard work but the after result is fantastic.

Image source :- www.

3. Flower decoration- There is nothing better than flowers to refresh your body and mind.A bunch of united flowers in the bouquet gives the impression of being new and fresh.You can use floating candles together with flowers in your living room.

4.Deepawli Rangoli designs – You can use rice flour, pulses, rose and leaves to make rangoli. Considered an important part of this spiritual process it is made to welcome the goddess of wealth and prosperity.

5.Furniture decor  and interior  - Even if you are not interested in buying new furniture  just place your furniture differently. This will give complete new look to your home. Surf on net for Diwali pictures and you will get lot of ideas to decorating  your home.

 6.Diwali lights – To give a different touch to your house you can add some different lightening arrangement by designing or modifying your own lights.

Few last minute simple Diwali decor ideas are:-

1.Keep a welcome board on the main door.

2.Place a nice flower vases next to the living room sofa.

3.Putting up a wind chime in the living room.

Do you have any Diwali decorations ideas to share with us?

Image source 1 , 4
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