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  1. The Doze Sleep Positioner - 2011-07-20 13:42:34-04
    There are kids who are not lucky enough to be born without disabilities and without the proper care and maintenance, these issues may yet be a cause for concern if not taken care of properly. Sleeping is no exception but thanks to some solutions like the Doze Sleep Positioner, kids will be aided properly as far as their muscles and sleeping positions are concerned to make sure that their growth will not be compromised. The Doze Sleep Positioner is a sleeping pod that is wrapped around handicapped children, ensuring that they fall in the right position without impeding their growth. The sleep pod was designed by Lucia Hsien which puts pressure on the spine to encourage a side sleeping position while opening airways for proper breathing needs. Via a disabilities, handicapped children, How to sleep better, muscles, pod, proper breathing, right position, sleep, SLEEP Gadgets, sleep positioner, sleeping positions, spine


  2. The Enemy Called Sleep Texting - 2011-07-21 13:02:06-04
    Technology has its way of making its way even up to our subconscious selves and with texting a craze these days, it is not really surprising to find some teens falling into this thing called Sleep Texting. It doesn't really require a lot of explaining, it is what it is – people texting even during sleep. Experts believe that such a phenomenon has become so popular nowadays but will still have the usual repercussions. And the easiest way to sum it all up is that people who get text messages even during the wee hours end up waking up and suffer from disruptive sleep. “Twenty percent are awakened in the middle of the night by getting a text, email or phone call. Not good,” said Dr. Kevin Smith, a pediatric sleep psychologist. So while many believe that this is cool, in the end it may not be so. Sleep Texting is indeed gaining popularity but health-wise, it will take its toll and be a nuisance in the long run. Via a dr kevin, email, health, How to sleep better, kevin smith, nuisance, phenomenon, popularity, psychologist, repercussions, sleep, sleep experts, Sleep Issues, text messages, wee hours


  3. Sony Alarm Clock with a Hidden HD Spycam - 2011-07-22 13:22:39-04
    Hearing about alarm clocks with some integrated spy cameras in them may still be rare and normally manufactured by companies of lesser known origin. But Sony seems to be penetrating the niche with this alarm clock which comes with an integrated HD spy camera in tow. This is reportedly the only Sony Alarm Clock Self Contained Spy Camera/DVR which can monitor your room in case you are suspicious of missing some stuff. The camera can record in 720p HD and in MPEG4 format that is stored on a 16GB SD card. It comes with a date and time stamp, making sure that people who take things in your room are caught red handed. Other than that, this should be an advanced alarm clock to have in your room. It costs $329.89 in case you are interested in getting one. Via a 16gb sd card, 720p, alarm clock, Alarm Clocks, Alarm Clocks, dvr, hd, niche, SLEEP Gadgets, sony, spy camera, spy cameras, spycam, time stamp


  4. Can you sleep with these Worrible Squishable Plush Toys? - 2011-07-23 11:21:51-04
    It’s big, huge but most of all huggable. However it does seem to have a gross looking design, drooling if you may, something that may limit these Worrible Squishable Plush Toys for the people who could care less about the looks of stuffed toys to have in bed. As you may very well know, pillows or stuffed toys are great for helping people sleep. But there is a line on the looks department despite its soft and fluffy make. Measuring 15" this huggable and drooling plush toy can be yours for $47.95. It is available over at the Neatoshop. Via a huggable, pillows, Pillows, plush toy, plush toys, sleep, stuffed toys


  5. Sleep Apnea Treatment unfurls in India - 2011-07-23 11:48:43-04
    Sleep issues do not select the people who are plagued by it and thankfully, sleep apnea treatments are now covering regions as far as India. Yes, India is not spared from people who have sleep apnea and thanks to the development of a non-invasive treatment, sleep apnea victims in India may yet be diagnosed and helped out. They call it the Proven Sleep Apnea Therapy, something backed by the Indian government through collaboration with Stanford University and the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. The solution is convenient and portable, not relying on power to be operated. The new device will monitor people’s sleep patterns as they lie in bed before making the information available for assessment. Via a all india institute of medical sciences, collaboration, india institute, indian government, invasive treatment, sleep, Sleep Apnea, sleep apnea treatment, SLEEP Gadgets, sleep patterns, stanford university


  6. Plush Papa Smurf Toys - 2011-07-25 12:35:18-04
    With high expectations on the reincarnation of those lovable blue characters, the Smurfs Papa Smurf Plush should be something handy to have in bed when bedtime comes. These are the latest craze of huggable stuffed toys you can get in the market, paving the way for the coming of the Smurfs Movie. The plush toy measures 10.5" and should be great for kids who want to have the 542 year old smurf for their stuffed toy collection. Since a lot of people need something to cling on to when sleeping becomes hard for them, the Smurfs Papa Smurf Plush should be something cool to have. The Papa Smurf Plush toy is now available over at for $14.99 and at for £14.99. A must have for the people who are anticipating the showing of the movie and paraphernalia associated with it. Via a amazon, bedtime, high expectations, latest craze, measures, papa smurf, paraphernalia, paving the way, Pillows, plush toy, reincarnation, SLEEP Gadgets, smurf toys, smurfs movie, stuffed toys, toy collection


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